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Happy Retirement Dr. Noorda! We will miss you but can’t wait to hear about your adventures. Stay tuned for our “Where is Dr. Noorda” adventures in 2021!

A letter from Dr. Noorda

Dear Patients, Referring Doctors, and Friends
It is mostly with excitement, but also with just a touch of sadness, that I am announcing my retirement from the practice of orthodontics. After having provided care for more than 20,000 orthodontic patients over the past 34 years, I have loved my interaction with every one of you. I will miss seeing you in the office so regularly, but Cindy and I look forward with eager
anticipation to being able to spend more time with our own kids – and especially our grandchildren. There is no need to worry, my health is still fine, and I do anticipate being able to travel and pursue my many hobbies, all while still relatively youthful.

I am so very happy to have Dr. Brady Okuda assuming your care. Most of you have already met him, and have discovered how incredibly skilled, compassionate, talented, and caring he is. I have known Dr. Okuda for most of his life, as he was one of my young orthodontic patients many
years ago. I am pleased that he found his orthodontic experience so pleasant and beneficial that he decided to become an orthodontist himself. He is incredibly well trained and has the experience necessary to provide the most precise and skilled orthodontic care that can be rendered anywhere. My confidence in his abilities to take care of my patients and treat them with the same quality and compassion that I myself would have applied has made my decision to step back much easier. I am absolutely certain that during his career, he will continue the tradition of providing first class orthodontic care for both you and your family for another 30

Finally, I want to thank each of you for having made my own career so enjoyable. I look back at the years, and the friendships that have developed, and I am amazed. While I will miss the professional interaction with each of you in the office, I very much hope to continue to see you again often, as neighbors in our wonderful community. With gratitude for your trust and friendship for all of these years: Thank You!

Carey B Noorda, DDS, MSD

Dr. Okuda

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