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Your Braces Questions Answered

Here are the answers to the questions we hear most often from our Henderson braces patients. Or, for even more detailed answers, book your complimentary consultation with a Clark County, NV orthodontist online or by calling us at (702) 737-5500.

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What happens when I get my braces put on?

Getting your braces put on doesn’t hurt a bit and the procedure typically takes less than an hour. First, we polish your teeth and prime the surface for the adhesive we use. Then, Dr. Okuda or Dr. Noorda sticks the brackets on each individual tooth. Finally, they thread the archwire through the brackets. Before you go, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about caring for your braces.

How long will I have to wear braces?

Every smile is unique and it will depend on your individual needs. In general, treatment will last between one and two years. However, we offer the Damon™ Smile System. These braces eliminate some of the mechanical inefficiencies that are common with conventional braces, which means you may be able to finish treatment faster. Once you’ve had your free consultation and the doctor has had the chance to examine you and take diagnostic records, they’ll be able to tell you how long your braces treatment will last. Schedule your consultation today online or by calling us at (702) 737-5500 to find out!

Am I too old for braces?

No! You’re never too old to get a smile you love. In fact, more than one in four orthodontic patients in North America is 18 or older. While having straight teeth looks fantastic, the benefits are more than cosmetic. Getting braces as an adult can help you boost your confidence and self-esteem, as well as your oral health. If you don’t like the idea of metal braces, adults tend to be great candidates for aesthetic options, such as clear braces and Invisalign.

Do I still need to see my regular dentist while wearing braces?

Yes. We recommend seeing your general dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning unless they want to see you more frequently. Since your braces can trap plaque and food debris, which makes you more susceptible to cavities, it’s actually more important than ever to see your dentist. They’ll make sure your teeth and gums are healthy throughout your treatment.

How many times a day should I brush my teeth when wearing braces?

Brush your teeth in the morning, after meals and snacks, and before bed when you have braces. If you’re not home and didn’t pack a toothbrush, rinse your mouth out really well with water after eating and brush as soon as you get home.

What happens when I get my braces removed?

Removing your braces is also easy and painless. Your Henderson, NV orthodontist will use special tools to loosen and remove the wires and brackets. They’ll scrape off any leftover glue, polish your teeth and let you see your beautiful new smile in the mirror.

How much do braces cost?

The exact cost of braces depends on how complex your case is, which treatment you choose and how long your treatment lasts. At your consultation, Dr. Noorda or Dr. Okuda will evaluate your bite, develop a diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan. This will allow us to give you an accurate figure. We think everyone deserves to have a smile they love. That’s why we accept most insurance (we’ll even help you with filing claims) and offer flexible payment options.

Do braces hurt?

Braces don’t hurt and you should never feel serious braces pain. However, when you first get your braces put on and after appointments, your teeth and gums can be slightly tender. Any discomfort should subside in a few days. You can manage it by eating soft foods, drinking cold drinks and taking an over-the-counter pain reliever (go with whatever you normally take for a headache).

How often will I need to come in for appointments during braces treatment?

For most treatment plans, you’ll visit us every six to eight weeks. These regular appointments are quick and give us a chance to make sure your treatment is on track.

What is the best age to get braces?

There is no one perfect age to get braces. For many people, the teenage years are ideal because the permanent teeth are in but the patient is still growing and developing, allowing us to more easily manipulate the teeth and jaws. If we spot certain red flags in children, then Phase One treatment may be indicated. This is where we guide jaw and facial growth with braces or appliances while some of the primary teeth are still present. In some cases, it can mean avoiding surgery or extensive treatment later in life. That’s not to say that adults can’t see great results and as we mentioned, it’s never too late for orthodontic treatment. Schedule a consultation at Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics to find out if braces can benefit your smile!

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