Adult Treatment

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Healthy Smiles Have No Age Limit!

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids and teens. In fact, more than one in four orthodontic patients in North America is an adult. As long as your teeth and gums are healthy, we can straighten your teeth at any age. At Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics, you’ll benefit from our customized smile design and computerized treatment planning. We can create a one-of-a-kind smile that complements your unique facial features without extracting teeth. Thanks to our high-tech approach, we can do this quickly, comfortably and conveniently. To find out how our Henderson Invisalign ® or braces treatments can transform your smile, book a free consultation for adult orthodontics at Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics online or by calling us at (702) 737-5500.

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More Than Just Cosmetic

Orthodontic treatment can enhance your appearance and bring your facial features into balance. This isn’t something to take lightly because when you look your best, you feel your best and who doesn’t want a spectacular smile? However, the benefits of adult orthodontics go beyond the cosmetic aspects and can truly improve your quality of life.

Having straight teeth and a healthy bite also:

  • Reduces uneven, abnormal wear of the tooth enamel
  • Shifts protruding teeth back to reduce the risk of dental injury
  • Makes teeth easier to brush and floss, which prevents gum disease and tooth decay
  • Helps ward off bone loss and, in turn, tooth loss
  • Encourages proper speaking and chewing
  • Protects from undue pressure on the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), which can lead to jaw pain, headaches, migraines and neck aches
  • Gives you a boost in self-esteem and confidence that can improve your relationships, career and all aspects of your life

Treatment That Fits Your Life

Dr. Okuda, Dr. Noorda and their team stay at the forefront of the latest technology and advances in the field. We’ve invested in innovations like Damon™ braces, Invisalign ®, Propel ®, iTero ® and even our own in-house lab to ensure you spend less time in the doctor’s chair and more time enjoying your fantastic new smile. Pair our technology with our minimal wait times and flexible payment options, and you get a smile journey that works for your needs and lifestyle.

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Adult Treatment by the Numbers

Are you ready to experience the life-changing benefits of loving your smile? It all starts with a free consultation. Book your visit with our Henderson, NV orthodontist today!


Nearly 27% of orthodontic patients in North America are 18 or older.


More than one-third of American adults are unhappy with their smile.


92% of adults who received orthodontic treatment would recommend it to others.

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