iCAT imaging

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Precision 3D Scanning

At Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics, we use the i-CAT™ Imaging System to take precise 3D radiographs. The i-CAT Imaging 3D scans let us get a clear picture of your teeth, jaws, facial structures and nerve pathways in unparalleled detail. In fact, it gives us enough data for a complete diagnosis!

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Why i-CAT?

While many practices take 2D x-rays, the 3D scans we take provide us with more information than any two-dimensional x-ray ever could. Even better? The process is completely non-invasive and takes about 20 seconds. From the scans, we’re able to see your entire dental and facial anatomy, which is essential for allowing us to design a smile that complements your unique features. Additionally, we can zoom, enhance the contrast or extract images, letting us plan your treatment from all angles without the need for retakes or multiple types of x-rays. We can easily share the images with you, allowing you to stay informed and make educated decisions about your care.

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You’re seated comfortably in an open environment with plenty of space. The scans are extraoral, meaning we don’t need to use bitewings, and they only take 20 seconds.


Not only does the scan itself only take 20 seconds, the 3D, digital images show up almost immediately on our screen. There’s no film to develop, which saves you time.

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i-CAT digital imaging emits the least amount of radiation possible and the precision eliminates the need for retakes, further reducing your exposure.


We get an incredible amount of visual data all the way down to your tooth’s roots. In fact, we get enough information for a complete diagnosis from the scans.

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