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Before & After Orthodontic Treatment

Take a look at some of our patients’ smile transformations. To begin your own smile journey, schedule a complimentary consultation at Okuda & Noorda Orthodontics today!

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adrian before adrian after

The patient had severe crowding. While most orthodontists would consider extraction for a case like this, we were able to treat them without extractions.

alayna before alayna after

This patient was a teenager with moderate crowding and class II malocclusion treated with Damon braces.

amanda before amanda after

This was a two-phase case treated for a unilateral crossbite. The first phase was treated with appliances and no braces, which is unique because the majority of orthodontists use braces in Phase I and again in Phase II. Phase II was treated with Damon brackets. Because of the success of Phase I, the patient was only in braces for eight months!

grace before grace after

This patient underwent early Phase I treatment with appliances (no braces) and Phase II with Damon brackets. Because of the early Phase I treatment, the patient only wore braces for 12 months.

joy before joy after

This was a two-phase treatment. The patient presented with class III negative overate (AKA underbite) and was treated with appliances in Phase I and Damon braces in Phase II. The Phase II braces were only on for 12 months due to the success of Phase I.

kailee before kailee after

The patient had moderate crowding with a blocked out canine. We treated them with Damon brackets in 18 months.

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