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For many people, getting older and experiencing the outward effects of aging is a cause for concern. And one of the biggest worries? Our face. Signs of aging like facial lines and wrinkles, sagging cheeks — these are the characteristics we often focus on changing to look younger.

Go-to solutions typically include creams, dermatology treatments, and surgery. But did you know that orthodontics can take years off your appearance, too?

It’s no secret that getting orthodontic treatment can change your life for the better. The benefits of getting braces and Invisalign are many. Optimal functioning of teeth improves chewing and eating, helps fix speech problems, and is shown to lower your risk of tooth decay and cavities. Well-aligned jaws alleviates painful issues like TMJ, bruxism, and migraines. And let’s not forget the aesthetic benefits of well-designed braces or Invisalign treatment like beautiful straight teeth and a boost in confidence!

Another great benefit of straight teeth is that they make you look younger. It’s true! But if you’re skeptical and wondering, “Do straight teeth really make you look younger? How do they do that?” let’s dive into some examples.

Widening your lower face

Advanced orthodontic treatment like braces and Invisalign from Okuda Orthodontics addresses spacing issues in teeth. Crowded teeth need room to straighten while misalignment like an underbite or a narrow upper arch are resolved by opening up and shifting the jaws. With wider and more aligned arches, you instantly get a younger looking smile. Think about the fullness of a child’s face versus the collapsed look in a senior’s face. 

A wider smile also creates a smile lift effect that looks more youthful and happy. Your facial skin also becomes more taut and looks more firm, helping smooth out deep lines or wrinkles around your mouth. Who knew the benefits of straight teeth included a mini face lift effect?

Straight teeth equals a younger-looking smile

Crowded teeth are associated with getting older, and it makes sense why. As we age, our teeth start crowding because of decreasing bone density in our jawbones. In essence, our jaw bone incrementally shrinks as we age, pulling the teeth along with it so they crowd together and sometimes start tilting in. Dr. Okuda has seen this in his patients time and time again. Age also brings with it higher instances of losing teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease. When you have missing teeth, your lower face tends to collapse inward.

Crowding, missing, and crooked teeth affect how your lips, cheeks and jawline look. Think of your upper and lower arches like scaffolding that hold up the structure of your lower face. A shrinking lower arch is soon followed by the uppers, providing less support for your top lip. As a result, your top lip looks thinner, giving the impression of aging.

In contrast, the benefits of straight teeth include filling out your lower face, supporting your lips and cheeks, and rounding out your jawline.

Confidence gives your smile more lift

As mentioned earlier, one of the benefits of braces or Invisalign is a new sense of  confidence, a confidence that allows you to feel good about smiling more. The great news about smiling more? You’ll look more youthful. Some studies have shown that people who smile more are perceived as younger. Other studies found that people who smile more appear thinner to others than those who look sad. 

A smile also gives your face a lift because it makes you look healthier, which is equated with youthful vitality. Research found that smiling give others the impression of more health over a neutral expression. And this impression increased with age. In other words, younger adults look healthier when they smile, but adults look even more healthy — and much younger.

How to get straight teeth with braces or Invisalign

Ready to start orthodontic treatment and look younger? You’re in good company. We’ve seen an increasing number of adult patients taking steps to straighten their teeth, enjoying the benefits of braces or Invisalign for better oral health, more confidence, and a younger appearance.

At Okuda Orthodontics, choose between two innovative options — Damon™ braces or Invisalign clear aligners:

Damon™ Braces at your leading Henderson-area provider

As a practice with a focus on cutting edge treatment, we offer the high-tech Damon braces system. Unlike traditional braces, self-ligating Damon braces don’t require elastics to hold wires in place. 

Damon braces are considered more comfortable and efficient, and they don’t require tightening or adjustments: the high-tech memory wire has your tooth movements preprogrammed from the start to achieve your final, stunning smile.  Choose between metal brackets or clear brackets, depending on your aesthetic preference.

Invisalign clear aligners for discreet teeth transformations 

The benefits of Invisalign start with your wearing journey:

  • they’re clear so they’re nearly invisible
  • you can eat and drink as usual (since you take them out when you do)
  • they fix even the most complex cases with an expert treatment plan by Dr. Okuda

And when you’re done? A smile lift that takes years off your appearance!

Complementing the benefits of straight teeth with Botox and fillers

Now for most of our patients, they’re 100% thrilled with the benefits of braces or on their appearance. But for for some, a younger looking smile can look even more dazzling with cosmetic treatments like Botox or fillers. 

At Okuda Orthodontics, our patients can complement their orthodontic treatment with Botox or fillers right in-house. Get a Botox smile lift with certified Botox and filler services to further soften deep lines or wrinkles around the mouth that might remain after getting straight teeth. 

Get started on a younger looking smile with your Las Vegas-area orthodontist 

Dr. Brady Okuda and the Okuda Orthodontics team are ready to help you get a younger looking smile and assist you in taking years off your appearance. Get your dream smile with the benefits of braces or Invisalign, complemented by Botox or fillers for an even more youthful look.

Contact us today for an appointment at our state-of-the art Henderson, NV office.

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